AL SHAYJI INTEGRATED GROUP (SIG) is emerging as one of the fastest growing multi-business conglomerate. Beginning with a modest growth SIG now is a Group of entities operating in different sectors.

SIG has a significant presence in Kuwait, Africa & MENA region, with an industry foot-print that covers Mining & Exploration Consultation, Natural Resources & Precious Metal Trading, Manufacturing, Food supply’s, Architectural Services, Manpower Recruitment & Business Consultation etc.

Our presence is varied, our focus is to meet the needs of the clients in several unique ways.

SIG has the ability to think, learn and create scale and expertise in each of its industry verticals. This ability enables us to provide fully integrated services.

We run our businesses to grow, achieve, thrive and urge ourselves to tackle new challenges in a steady, well-thought out manner. The company presently is vigorously expanding its core business area.



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integration
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Humility with firmness
  • Building respectful relationships
  • Transparency


Never rest, Always think. Never wait, Always act.


Above all, our belief is that together as one family, we can create wonders. We operate with the humility of a beginner and the self-assurance of a market leader.

We believe success is a journey, with highs and lows. We constantly embark on this journey, inviting others to grow with us.


With the grace of Allah Almighty, besides the commendable efforts of the energetic management team & the unlimited support from our various strategic partners , SIG today has initiated the development of several projects in various segments of the local and global market.

We are growing to be a leader through initiative, determination, hard work , professionalism and a combination of creative approach to business. From the onset, we focused on achieving success by undertaking projects that would leave a lasting impact. Throughout this process, we always strive to achieve a win-win partnership and enrich the lives of people whom we work with.

We are firm in the belief that SIG was established to inaugurate a new era of excellence and success and to achieve objectives, we have put forward new initiatives to meet the needs of the growing market and to enhance long term business values.

Dr. Yousif Al Shayji


THE BOARD (Board Members)

Dr. Yousif Al Shayji (CHAIRMAN)

Mr. Ahmad Al Shayji (CEO | Managing Director)

Mrs. Basmah Al Shayji (Partner | Director)

Mrs. Nada Al Shayji (Partner | Director)

Mr. Aadil Baig (Director)

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